Abu Turkey AL-Riyami Organization has been established and registered in 2015. The Head office is located in Nizwa - Sultanate Of Oman.

Who we are & What we do ?

ATR is a commercial and trade agency company which is fully owned by Omani. The company extends supports for wide services that cater for the needs of various industries such as energy, construction, tourism ,real estate, oil & gas, air craft engines, logistics, defense’s & security requirements, automotive security, metals supplier (export and import) and technology and Containers ,ships and boats( tools and Equipment ). The company additionally organize trade agreements.

The company has partnered with a top-notch selection of world-class market leaders to build skills, expertise and systems in Oman. We do also implement trade policy of International Trading.

The company focuses in the development of big opportunities in different sectors for investors inside the Sultanate of Oman & abroad. We look forward to build our relationship with customer and clients through exceptional customer services which enables us to gain their trust and confidence.

Our clients are drawn from different countries such as United States ,Canada ,Japan, Singapore ,India ,Germany ,Italy ,Belgium ,Spain, France and China also GCC……

We believe in treating our customers with respect, confidence, we, thus, integrate honesty, integrity and other business ethics, into all aspects of our business. We are definitely certain that working to build a good reputation in the field of this business will yield us to be a key player in the industry.








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